Sunday, April 27, 2014

Geocaching Event Easter Egg Hunt Cake

Today I attended a geocaching event, the Pocono's 10th Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic.
Of course, I just had to make a cake!
Once I saw Amanda Rettke's post about the Easter Egg Surprise Inside Cake she made, I knew that's what I had to make! I mean, it's an Easter egg hunt, so I need an Easter egg cake, right?
I'm not completely thrilled with how the outside looks, but it works.

I got these pearls from Hobby Lobby, I like them, but they're really hard and difficult to eat.

I also tried Satin Ice fondant for the first time, that I got from Hobby Lobby too. It wrinkled a bit, but I think it was rolled too thin. 

I couldn't cut it before the event obviously, so I just had to wait!

Unfortunately, the egg shape inside got crooked. But I guess it gives it character!
(Plus, I don't think anyone realized it wasn't supposed to be crooked)

At the end of the event:

There wasn't much left!
Here are some in-progress photos:
The counter started off clean...

Surprisingly it stayed mostly clean for this cake!

Here is the egg-stripe cake baked!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cute Owl and Bunny Cupcakes :-)

I had some chocolate cupcakes left over from the tree cake, so I made some other little cute ones...

I love this owl! The eyes are so cute.

And a little bunny going down in his hole!

How do you like them?

A Tree Inside a Cake?!?

Yes. A tree inside a cake.

I bought Amanda Rettke's brand new book, Surprise Inside Cakes. Her blog is amazing, so of course, I knew the book would be as well!

I couldn't wait to make a cake (see what I did there?) from the book as soon as it arrived at my house! I decided on the one with a tree inside.

Outside first:

I did little bird tracks across the top of the cake. :-)

And the inside!
It was a lot of fun making this! Make sure to buy Amanda's book and check out her blog!