Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday for A Biker - Harley Davidson (Or Marley Dinosaur?) Cake

A friend of ours has always admired my work, be it cakes or general crafts, she let me know every time how much she loved what she saw. Her "significant other" is a biker, so I thought I'd do a cake for his birthday.

He owns a Harley, so I figured incorporating the Harley Davidson logo into the cake somehow would be appropriate. I decided on a carved tire cake done in fondant. This is yet another chocolate cake.

I didn't expect much of a turnout at the planned picnic for his birthday, but wow, there was quite a large amount of people there. Neighbors, friends, you name them. Well, once they all saw the cake, cell phones appeared in many hands taking pictures of the cake. Maybe you'd do the same.

I piped the logo entirely out of chocolate, and let it harden before placing it on the cake. It came out perfectly the first time I tried it I piped the lettering countless times until I, the perfectionist, was finally satisfied. But when I did the black, let it harden, and flipped it over, I still didn't like it. Actually, (to me, anyway) it read easier as "Marley Dinosaur," rather than "Harley Davidson." Don't you love perfectionists? As my mother repeatedly told me it was fine, I had an idea. Why don't I just pipe royal icing over the chocolate lettering? So I did, making it read "Harley Davidson" once again, and created a cool effect with the raised lettering. So, what do you think?

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