Friday, August 30, 2013

Bathtub Cake

Yes, I finally decided to do a first carved cake. But I wasn't sure what. I wanted to do something simple, but not so simple it looks boring. How about a bathtub cake?

I purchased a set of oval cake pans with a 40% coupon at Michaels to use for this cake. The bottom layer of the cake is homemade rice crispies, which I packed into the cake pan. I spread margarine on my fingers and in the pan so the marshmallow in the rice crispies wouldn't stick. On top of the rice crispie layer are two layers of chocolate cake. The reason for the rice crispies is simply for stability. Especially because I didn't leave the cake as a straight, basic shape. I carved pieces off the cake downward, creating the sloping sides of the bathtub. Then I cut a hole in the first layer of cake for the bathtub cavity. After two layers of buttercream, I covered the cake in fondant. I sculpted the little ducks from fondant and stuck them in the "water." I think it came out pretty cute - not bad for a first sculpt. I think this would be a neat idea for a baby shower cake. Here's how it came out:

Aren't the little duckies adorable? They didn't even take that long to make!
What was your first sculpted cake?

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