Sunday, September 8, 2013

Camouflage Bear Cookie

The other night I wanted to try out my new gnome cookie cutters. I used the gnomes, a tree, a butterfly, chipmunks, and other forest animals to go with the theme. One of those was a bear from Anne Clark.

I only made a batch of butter fondant, which wasn't enough, and the way I separated the colors, I was able to cover only one bear. The colors I had left after all the cookies I could cover were covered were black, green, and brown. I decided to combine the colors just to use up the fondant. This is how the bear I used came out:

I didn't have the idea in mind when I combined the colors, but it came out looking like a camouflage pattern! It's really cute, and tasted good, too!

What do you think this pattern would be good for?

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