Sunday, September 1, 2013

Using Simple Cake Pans Creatively - Strawberry Cake

The above cake was made with a pan you might not guess right away. But if you look closely, it's pretty obvious. Here are some questions - see how great of a cake guesser you can be!
1.) What pan did I use?
2.) How was it colored?
3.) What are the "seeds"?
4.) What is the leafy part?
5.) How was that colored?
Scroll down for the answers!
Keep going!
A little farther..!
Here are the answers:
1.) A heart shape
2.) It's airbrushed
3.) White chocolate chips
4.) Fondant
5.) Green food coloring gel was kneaded into the fondant, and the detail was added by airbrushing.
How well did you do?
Did you get them all right? Then you're a pretty good cake enthusiast! (You must have been looking at more of my cakes - thanks!)
If you didn't do so well, maybe you need to look at some more of my cakes. ;) Have fun!

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